This is basically a "blog" of my programming progress with GT.

Saturday September 13, 2003
Completed "infinite view" of time. Demonstrated it to office mates and talked it up at a party that night. They knew exactly what I was talking about! One neighbor pulled out his cell phone organizer and complained that he couldn't schedule bands that play from 11PM to 1:30AM. This solves that.

Monday September 15, 2003
Printed out OPA Jr. pages of phone numbers of all my contacts, 10 pages both sides. It looks soooooo much better than the printouts from Tony's software! I showed off the pages to my best friend. :)

Tuesday September 16, 2003
Configuring OPA Jr. pages so that they could be printed on any size paper.

Studied alpha blending and drag-and-drop for a floating window to drop people and projects on the calendar.

Wednesday September 17, 2003
Configured OPA Jr. pages so that they can now be printed on any width of landscape paper. (Tony's pages were a bit wider than the ones for Day Runner™ for example.)