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Let me introduce myself...

From: Dave LeYanna
Date: 10 Sep 2003
Time: 15:43:07 -0400
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I'm thankfull for this opportunity to participate in this forum.

I work for a non-profit org. and am supplimenting my income with the starting of an internet business.

I have been influenced by Tony Robbins materials since his first book "Unlimited Power". I haven't blindly accepted the whole thing by itself but did research into the NLP community and found many other resources. I do own many of Tony's materials including his RPM software.

I am an Information Services Director and oversee approx. 100 users in 6 locations with one other staff member. We program in a number of languages and environments.

I have an interest in developing (or the development of) software that is flexible enough to be used the way that I want and others can configure it to be used in the way they want. It will run in MAC, Linux and Windows. That is a MASSIVE project. So much so that I have realized that I need to work with those who want GREAT life planning software and can help keep the list of product features in line so that the project has a chance of release during my lifetime.

I'm here to add my two cents to an effort that I hope will have great results.


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