Welcome to the project site for GT, software for harnessing emotion to get things done. If you've been invited to this site, it's because we need your ideas! Join the discussion by introducing yourself and telling us what must be in the ultimate life planning software.

GT is the brainchild of Mike Leahy. It stems from the technologies of Tony Robbins' OPA/RPM™, Steven Covey and First Things First™, Landmark Education's Mission Control™ and others along with original concepts from Mike Leahy.

GT is a codeword for the software project that expresses certain life planning concepts common to a number of great planning methodologies.

GT is meant to be easy and fun! It should slash the time required to link one's ultimate purpose and mission to what one does hour by hour.

Download a business proposal created December 2002 here. If you or someone you know has the urge to invest, please contact Mike Leahy.

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