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Re: Research and Things To Look At

From: Mike Leahy
Date: 12 Sep 2003
Time: 10:45:34 -0400
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Thanks, Brett. looks like a hosted,web-based solution. I took the tour, and it includes email which is a plus. I had quite a discussion last night about writing an email client for GT, and it came down to my limiting belief that, since I've never written a client, I can't. :)

The fact is, I know people who can. I also know where I can license some very capable email code. I'm extremely picky about the power and ease I need in email software. Web-based would never work for me. The Open Source Foundation's project looks like it will be the most powerful and easy to use email client ever. I'm following their design if anyone's.

The current version of GT handles any number of addresses, cel numbers, home and work numbers, and it recognizes when numbers for different uses are the same. Many of my friends use their cels as their home and/or work number now. This seemed limited in

Also, short of allowing friends to log into myappointments as me, can I share my complete schedule (not just tasks)?

Most importantly, what do you think are the critical features in that must be in a product that you'd switch to?

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